Online Service

We invite you to listen to our Sunday service and Wednesday meeting, broadcast weekly below.

For those who listen to our services remotely, you can continue to do so streamed on our website. We no longer stream on Zoom software.

Sunday Services – 10:30 a.m.

(Sunday School is held at the same time in person and online)

Wednesday Meetings – 7:30 p.m.


The church has live-streaming capability which enables both in person and remote attendance.

A testimony may be given by phoning into the church or by sending a written testimony in advance to the clerk to be read during the service.

INSTRUCTIONS for phoning in: Use these if you are listening on your computer or iPad:

FIRST. Call this number on your phone: 603-224-0818. An usher will answer your call.

SECOND. Give your name to the usher and tell him or her that you want to share a testimony.

THIRD. Wait for the usher to say it is your turn to speak; then turn down the sound on your computer or device. This is important; otherwise, the sound from your device will interfere with your testimony and you will not be understood.

FOURTH. Please state your name and share your testimony.

FIFTH. When finished, hang up. You may now turn up the volume on your computer or other device.