Preservation Activities

Since opening its doors in 1904, Concord Church members have been faithful stewards of the church “gifted by Mary Baker Eddy” to Christian Scientists and the community. At the time, Mrs. Eddy’s generous contribution consisted of about half her wealth. Funding for the church was also received from Christian Scientists worldwide.

Mrs. Eddy penned the following when the Concord Church was dedicated:

"This church born in my nativity, may it build upon the rock of ages against which the waves and winds beat in vain. May the towering top of its goodly temple . . . long call the worshipper to seek the haven of hope, the heaven of Soul . . ." (My. 162:29)

For well over a century, numerous building projects were funded and completed. As the church entered its second century, however, it became evident that major restoration was needed. Preservation began prayerfully with the development of a metaphysical case statement establishing the spiritual basis for the work (“foundation stones”), guidance for action (“stepping stones”), and member commitment (“living stones”), which continues to undergird the preservation activity.

The construction work began with commissioning renowned historical architect Max Ferro in 2010 to evaluate structural needs, create a restoration plan, and select engineers with historical preservation experience. Next, the structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers prepared reports which identified urgent, short-term, and long-term restoration and maintenance projects.

Update on Rose Window Re-Leading

When the time came to let the need be known that the church Mrs. Eddy’s gifted needed restoration, donations were received from Christian Scientists and churches worldwide. It is with much gratitude that we report that the following preservation projects have been completed.

Projects Completed 2010 - 2023


  • Convert steam heat system to forced hot water system
  • Therrien Roofing
  • Remove asbestos including survey, temporary radiator disconnect, abatement
  • Refurbish church front doors and porte-cochere doors
  • Insulate clerestory roofs, add insulation in attic and around organ loft
  • Investigate feasibility of installing a geothermal heating system


  • Refurbish two transept windows and rose window
  • Furnish and install insulatd laminated protective windows for transept windows and rose window
  • Repair Mary Baker Eddy room and Board exterior doors
  • Prepare Mechanical Systems Report
  • Design for heat conversion from steam to forced hot water


  • All lower auditorium and vestibule windows refurbished
  • Board room and three office windows refurbished
  • All clearstory auditorium windows refurbished
  • New laminated protective glass installed on clearstory windows


  • Tower wooden floor decking replaced and build new stairs
  • Windows in Mary Baker Eddy room re-leaded and refurbished
  • Laminated protective glass installed on all lower windows
  • New pvc window boxes installed
  • Lightning strike protection system installed


  • Tower exterior and interior re-pointed
  • Lower tower roof replaced
  • Cap stones removed and parapet walls wrapped with flashing
  • Cap stones reset
  • Tower masonry joints and turrets sealed with lead t-caps
  • Tower windows removed, refurbished, and re-installed
  • Tower chime-room heating system installed
  • Coatroom and bathroom flooring replaced
  • Porte-cochere utility area refurbished
  • Patio reconstructed and access ramp installed
  • Patio and street-side landscaping


  • All new electrical wiring throughout
  • Fire alarm system installed
  • Auditorium light fixtures refurbished
  • New platform and organ lighting installed
  • Auditorium ceiling and front walls repaired, plastered, and painted
  • Wall quotations re-lettered
  • Rooms for readers, soloist, & organist refurbished
  • Ceiling insulation added
  • New auditorium and vestibule flooring installed
  • Steam supply pipes replaced
  • Interior plumbing replaced
  • Porte-cochere roof replaced
  • Windows under clerestory roof painted
  • Large north and west windows painted


  • Chimney for new gas furnace boiler lined
  • Basement boiler room construction completed
  • Twin gas boiler system installed
  • North gable wall masonry repointed
  • Roofing and flashing over Mary Baker Eddy Room repaired


  • Damaged plaster on east wall repaired
  • Back half of auditorium painted
  • Exterior high windows painted
  • Large south transept window painted
  • North, west, and south walls spot-repointed
  • North, west, and south wall cap-stones sealed with lead t-caps


  • Tower finials repaired
  • Clerestory roofs replaced
  • All critical areas spot-repointed
  • Tower windows painted


  • Tower finials, repointing, painting, clerestory roof replacement


  • Rose window repaired and painted
  • East wall repointed
  • East wall cap-stones sealed with lead t-caps
  • Fire detection system


  • Structural tie rods installed in tower
  • Repair and re-point front church steps
  • Replace shaft in large HVAC blower


  • >Refinish front doors and hardware
  • Refinish Board room screen door
  • Repair gallery clock


  • Paint north transept window
  • Repair damaged copper ridge
  • Install snow clips on octagon and south roof

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