Several of our young people are active in music, ballet, sports, and other activities outside the Sunday school.  

In the past we have enjoyed these exciting events:

Matthew’s violin concerts and orchestra concerts — He is now an architect living in San Francisco

Elizabeth’s Jazz Piano Concert — She is a graduate of Principia College and is currently in graduate school in New York.

Alyson’s ballet recitals and plays — She is a graduate of Principia College and is now working in Washington, D.C.

Sam’s Senior Music Project — He is now a graduate of Principia College and his wife, Heidi, is also a graduate of Principia College and they are living in California.

Forest’s plays — He is currently attending Principia College.

Japhet’s plays, Discovery Bound Leadership activities, including trips to Peru and Washington, DC 

Eric’s basketball games — He is an Eagle Scout and is currently in college majoring in design.

Porter’s trumpet and piano recitals at the Concord Community Music School — He is currently in the Boston Youth Orchestra as one of three trumpeters and plays the piano with the Nashua Children’s Orchestra.

Elliot’s piano and singing recitals at the Concord Community Music School

Cascade and Sage are currently taking recorder lessons at the Concord Community Music School and piano lessons at home.


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Discovery Bound Youth Group

Discovery Bound, the local youth group, is part of the Boston chapter of a nationwide organization. 

This youth group is for all young people from twelve years old and up to the early twenties.  Every year they elect officers, and the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer work closely with a Board of parents to organize social activities throughout the year.  In past years they have had talent shows and pot luck dinners, sledding parties, visits to various parts of New Hampshire, canoe and camping trips, and other fun activities. 

The very active Boston chapter of Discovery Bound invites our young people to participate in their activities, some of which take place in our area.  When they plan an activity in our area on a Sunday, our Sunday School Superintendent plans ahead with extra teachers to accommodate the additional students.  

To find out more information about Discovery Bound, go to their website:

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Christian Science Summer and Winter Camps

Camp Newfound and Camp Owatonna

Harrison, Maine

Camp Newfound for girls

Camp Owatonna for boys

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Crystal Lake Camps

Hughesville, PA 17737








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Adventure Unlimited Ranches

18325 Country Road 366

Buena Vista, CO 81211

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