Mrs. Eddy’s One Church Visit

Mary Baker Eddy visited the church only once after its completion and that visit was for the purpose to see these new windows from England (the transept windows, see link) after they had been installed.  She is said to have stayed for a whole hour looking at these windows.

Authorization and fine details of her visit and reactions as conveyed to the reporter by Irving C. Tomlinson, who accompanied her on this one church visit, comes from an article in The Concord (N. H.) Daily Patriot and is quoted in the 1904 Christian Science Sentinel, Vol. 8:54, and in the 1905 Christian Science Journal, Vol. 23, p. 435-6.  The description, in its entirety, can be read in the Edifice section of this website. 

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Window side sm
Rose window close sm

Besides the fine transept windows, the church is filled with beautiful stained glass windows.  The side windows, of which there are four on each side, including those on the steps leading up to the balcony, are large and full of color.  The Rose Window at the front of the church, above the front door and at the rear of the balcony, includes the cross and crown.  For details on these windows see the Other Edifice Windows link. 

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<<<This Board Room window is on the West side.

This window is on the North side of the Board Room.>>>


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These meaningful windows are in the Reader’s rooms.



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