Welcome to the Concord Church website preservation pages.  First Church of Christ, Scientist, Concord, New Hampshire, is currently undertaking a five-year comprehensive program to preserve the historic edifice Mary Baker Eddy gifted to the members of the Concord Church. 

Over a year prior to ‘letting the need be known’ in 2014 when the Five-Year Preservation Plan was initiated, a Preservation Committee and all of the church members prayed for God’s guidance in laying the spiritual foundation.  An internal Case Statement was written with many edits and then refined by one of our church members.

The Links below provide detailed information about this Preservation Plan, and also includes information about restoration projects completed through the years.  

Within each section you will find links to other sections on related topics.  We hope you will enjoy learning more about our preservation work and seeing photographs of this landmark church.

These linked Preservation pages are organized in the following manner for your information, and are included with links, above and here:

If you need more copies of the recent letter sent to churches, April, 2017, click on this link:


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