Preservation – Other Engineers’ Reports

Besides the Structural Report, two other engineers’ reports have been done: the Mechanical Report and the Electrical Report

Mechanical Report

The Mechanical Report was prepared by Kaz Safari of Environmental Design Engineering.  Basically the report is divided into three separate parts; the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), the plumbing, and fire protection.


The report recommends that outside air replenishment be increased to improve circulation.  The report also suggests ceiling mounted paddle fans to evenly distribute heat and improve efficiency. The report also recommends adding control valves to the existing steam radiators.


The sanitary piping is over 100 years old for the church and 50 years old for the Sunday school, are beyond their life expectancy, and should be further inspected and repaired or replaced as warranted. As we have experienced problems in the past, repair is likely needed.

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Electrical Report

The report on the electrical system was prepared by Electrical Engineer Charles Ackroyd. Like the other reports this one, too, makes numerous observations of the current system and recommendations for improvements.

While currently functional, there are improvements that are needed to update the system. Of particular importance are safety improvements that are needed at the main circuit panel. The circuit panel board in the stairwell to the podium is also out of date and out of code and needs replacement.

Finally, the report notes that there is no lightning protection system despite the fact that the tower is over 150 feet tall. A lightning protection system is also a building code requirement.  It is recommended that a system be designed and installed and that it include a surge suppressor in accordance with the current code.

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Other building elements and features

We are blessed with quite an incredible building, constructed under the guidance of our founder, Mary Baker Eddy, that has served our congregation and has been a landmark in our community for over 100 years. The church architecture is appreciated by Max Ferro, an historical architect, who has had extensive experience with historical structures of this type, and by each of the engineers, by many subcontractors involved in the maintenance and repair of the building, and by the Concord community.

Proper care of the church will require a continuous maintenance program in order to maintain the integrity of the building. This should not be a burden to our congregation, but an opportunity to care for the church we all love.

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