The other stained glass windows throughout the church are of

domestic glass in conventional design made by the

A. B. Cutter Company.

The Rose Window


The Rose Window in the center of the front of the church, in the East, contains the Cross and Crown. 

It is called a “ducal” or strawberry crown. 

When it was found that the crown used in the emblem was not a crown but a princely (as opposed to kingly) form known as a coronet and therefore possessing no religious significance when combined with the cross, the coronet was changed to a celestial or Christian’s crown. An announcement about this was published in the June 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal (186). The design was slightly modernized in 1971. (


“The only real difference between the original seal and this new one is that the crown now used is what is known in heraldry as a celestial crown, whereas the one formerly used was a coronet and possessed  no significance when combined with the cross.  The celestial crown, or as it is sometimes called, Christians’ crown, is the one described in Revelation and it always has been emblematic of the triumphant life of the saints and martyrs.  It can readily be seen that this crown is the one which should be used in connection with what has now come to be known as the Christian Science seal and our Leader in her desire to have the seal made truly emblematic of what it stands for requested that the change be made.”   From an article by Archibald McLellan

There is another cross and crown in our church that has this coronet crown and that is a bronze plaque in the Board Room.  Since our church was built in 1904, the older cross and crown emblem was used prior to the change to the Christian’s crown.   (see Board Room in link above) 


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These windows below are on the staircases

on both sides of the foyer 

leading up to the balcony.


 <<This one on the North side,

and this one on the South side.>>

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The five windows behind the platform, above the organ pipes, depict, on the far left, 

the Lamb of God,

and to the right of it, The Bible, open,

 and then the Cross in the middle,

and then, Science and Health, open,


and at the far right the Dove of Peace.

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