Historical Architect,

our Adviser

 We have been blessed since the day one of our members met Max Ferro and he agreed to be our historical architect adviser.  He has long had respect for the architects who designed the Concord Christian Science church and loves being involved with its preservation.

As for the present and the future, we are including a combined summary of Max Ferro’s report and three engineers’ report, edited along with a House and Grounds Report to the Board of Trustees.

In 2011 it was approved by our Board of Trustees to request that historical architect, Max Ferro, update and expand his original report he had prepared for our church in 2006. Upon his recommendation we also hired a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, and an electrical engineer to inspect our buildings, evaluate, and prepare reports in their respective disciplines.

Max has considerable experience with historic buildings.

Maximilian L. Ferro, Biography

Max, now our good friend, is a practicing architect, historical architect and architectural historian based in Weare, New Hampshire. 

He heads The Preservation Partnership, set up in 1977 as New England’s first architectural office to provide multi-disciplinary services in the Historic Preservation field. The firm, now past its 28th Anniversary, has more than thirty Town and City Halls, more than thirty Public Libraries, and scores of police and fire stations, community centers, museums, educational facilities and other municipal projects to its credit.

Max established the building conservation components of the graduate Historic Preservation programs at Boston University and the University of Vermont, and held the adjunct rank of Assistant Professor at each university for about 15 years. He has been a frequent visiting lecturer at Harvard, Yale, MIT, and universities throughout the US and Canada.

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