Future Needs

Ongoing stewardship of the edifice Mrs. Eddy gifted to First Church of Christ, Scientist in Concord, NH, has been a priority for members since its construction in 1903. Despite significant edifice-related expenditures during the past one hundred years to  maintain the integrity of the building, recurring repairs and obsolescence of building systems and materials created the need for a preventative maintenance plan. A renowned historical preservation architect was hired in 2006 to guide members through the preservation process.  Professionals were hired to conduct structural, electrical and mechanical engineering studies of the building.  The resulting reports, were  extremely useful in establishing priorities for necessary preservation work, and also revealed the need for overhauling outdated systems to  bring the edifice into compliance with current building codes. 

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Required Heating Changes
The church has been heating with steam from a pipe coming in from the street and in the fall of 2016 we were informed that Concord Steam closed in May, 2017.  All Concord downtown buildings, including the public schools, have needed to plan for alternative heating sources.  The Concord Steam heating system is old, inefficient, and quite costly.  The new system will save us almost 50%/year in heating costs going forward, with an expected payback of about 10 years.

We researched, received estimates, and had a special church meeting where the membership voted on the proposals of the House and Grounds Committee.  We voted to contract for two natural gas boilers and for the preparation ground-work needed before they are installed, including a chimney liner, as well as what will be needed after they are installed, for an estimated total of $127,192.  

The boiler room has been built in the church basement and the two boilers are now set in place.  They have been working on completing the piping system for the incoming natural gas now for quite a few weeks.  Fire detectors are in place.


The project is going as planned and recently the chimney liner was set in place.


In the spirit of expectancy of God’s supply and continued love and benevolence, there are several projects being worked on with plans for 2017 projects.

Interior work needed,

depending upon funding:

West half of auditorium – repair plaster and paint

Quote SW corner sm

NW corner pp2 sm

N wall pp 1 sm

Other 2017 interior work planned when detailed estimates completed and funds available: 

  •      Wiring for fire detection alarm system

  •      New electrical wiring throughout the church

    An electrical engineer has been evaluating all church electrical needs.  We have recently received his electrical plans and now we are awaiting cost estimates.




[NOTE: These figures are now outdated and as soon as we receive the new estimates, they will be posted.]

Install 3-phase electric, replace circuit wiring and receptacles – $35,000

Tower ventilation system – $10,000

Install fire alarm system – $40,000

Repair coping, flashing, and masonry on S wall – $55,000

Repair sanitary sewer services – $25,000

Add control valves to radiators – $10,000

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Critical masonry repair sealing leaks around capstone above doorway to Mrs. Eddy’s room  

Additional Exterior Work  – Total estimate $400,000

Perimeter drainage solutions; landscape on north side of church, replacing asphalt



Mechanical-Related  – Total estimate $481,000

Air flow and circulation improvements, plumbing and sanitary waste pipe replacement, fire protection updates

Electrical – Total initial (2015) estimate $247,000

Replace service panels, circuit wiring, and receptacles, refurbish existing lighting, add new lighting fixtures and controls, additional items in the electrical engineering report, lightning protection system, fire alarm system

An electrical engineer is currently (winter 2017) doing a more thorough and extensive evaluation of the complete electrical systems in the church and his report will give us a better idea of exactly what is needed and then a new estimate will be forthcoming.

Energy Improvements – Total estimate $50,000

Additional Interior Work – Total estimate $190,000 

Interior Painting – Total estimate $60,000   

SUB-TOTAL $2,122,250

Additional costs for future raised estimates (10%) $212,225

GRAND TOTAL $2,334,475


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