Quotes on the east front wall of the church redone.

Due to water damage on the interior of the east front wall of the church, the quotes have been gradually disappearing over several years.  Now that this wall has been sealed from further water penetration, we are grateful to report that these three quotes have been re-lettered.middle quote 25-50

Quotes being done25-50

middle quote done25-50

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Clerestory Ceilings Repaired

Now that the clerestory roofs have been replaced, the interior work is going forth as planned, with much gratitude for all those individuals and churches who have generously donated to the Preservation Fund.  Due to ice crashing down onto the clerestory roofs from the central roof above over the years, the paint is peeling in many places on the north and south walls and plaster has come down in some places from the ceiling under these side roofs.  Now these walls and ceilings have been repaired, replaced, and painted.  This process took approximately two months. 

scaffolding sm

Workmen repairing broken plaster, re-plastering, and painting

scaffolding fcg N 25-50



BEFORE                                                  AFTER

N ceiling before 9N ceiling after 10

S ceiling after 10


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N pillar pp sm



Pillar 2015

pillar sm





              Pillar 2016

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MBE rm ceiling25-50

Barrel-vaulted coffered ceiling 2015

Mary Baker Eddy Room 

There has also been water damage in the Mary Baker Eddy room over many years.  Since this roof replacement several years ago we have not had the funds to do the interior work needed on this vaulted ceiling room.  But now due to loving gifts, the repairing and painting of the walls and ceiling have been completed.


MBE rm ceiling after 25-50

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Board Room

The work in the church currently going on also includes the repair and painting of the Board Room walls, that roof also having been replaced this past summer.  

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