September, 2015

Clerestory roof wkm sm

North Clerestory roof work
Clerestory roof S wkm sm       South Clerestory roof work

North and South Clerestory Roofs and Edges Replaced

The two clerestory roofs are on the sides of the church behind the trancept windows and below the upper central roof.

To prevent further water penetration due to huge spikes of ice falling from the central roof and breaking the previous slate shingles, wood supports were added, plus a copper layer for added strength, and CertainTeed fiberglass Symphony shingles with slate-like appearance (50-year warranty) – Total $181,600


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Tower Windows and Finials Masonry Work

Tower window E sm

Tower window N sm

Tower window detail sm

Tower window wkm sm

The tower windows have been scraped and painted, and as you can see in these detailed photos, this was no easy task as they are quite ornate with very few edges that are not round.  


Tower work closeup sm

Tower turrets wkm sm

The four tower finials were reinforced and re-pointed, sealing them against water penetration, as well as the copper flooring between the four finials and the large center turret.

Total Tower work: $111,400  

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Board Room Roof Replaced

Bd rm roof N sm

Bd rm roof W sm

Completed Projects 2015-2016 Costs

Repair interior gable ceilings and walls under north and south clerestory roofs:

  • Resurface interior wing ceilings:  remove damaged plaster on north and south interior ceilings, install drywall and paint  ($46,084)

  • Repair interior gable wall:  remove damaged plaster, infill removed plaster with drywall and skim to blend into existing remaining plaster and paint   ($23,000)

  • Repair interior clerestory walls: provide light skim of drywall compound on north and south clerestory walls and paint   ($36,969)

  • Repair vaulted ceiling and walls of the Mary Baker Eddy room (roof replaced, 2008):  scrape, skim-coat drywall, patch, and paint  ($11,120)

  • Paint interior columns in the church auditorium: scrape and paint 8 columns  ($3,821)

  • Board room walls: scrape and paint  ($3,221)

Total costs, 2015-2016 for these interior projects  $124,220

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