Completed Preservation Projects 2014

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Rose Window and East Wall Project

September, 2014

On the east front wall is the rose window and over the years this wall has been penetrated by moisture to the extent that the three quotes chosen by Mary Baker Eddy have begun pealing off with the plaster.  

The rose window and the other two front east windows have been stripped, much rotted wood has been replaced by extensive replication of the carved, rounded window supports, and painted; old plexiglass has been removed and replaced with clear polycarbonate acrylic protective covering which also allows for more light to come through.

This wall and around the rose window has now been sealed, enabling the lettering of the three quotations to be redone. The templates for the original quotes are available to be used so will be exactly as the original.

Total: $30,270

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In 2006 the membership engaged the professional services of an architectural firm renowned for historic preservation. This firm, Preservation Partnership, coordinated studies and reports from three engineering firms that included an analysis of the building’s structural, electrical, and mechanical (HVAC) components. The 2010 updated report provided a sound basis for prioritizing work. 

Following their recommendations, we have moved forward with priorities and a specific plan.

Prior to these reports, many projects have been completed.  Between 1960 and 1999, over $400,000 was expended for maintaining the church building, and since 2000, nearly $500,000 has been put into restoration and preservation projects.  These figures do not include monies spent on the Sunday School and much on the organ.  

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