2000 – 2013

2000  Elevator for porte cochere, roof repaired, roof snow guards installed with much aerial lift expenses required, and interior repairs   

2001  Porte cochere repairs, door woodwork rejuvenation, plumbing work, bathroom floor repaired  

2002  Snow guards added to South roof, slate repaired on clerestory roofs, tower inspected by structural engineer, porte cochere door and ceiling repaired, three main exterior doors and porte cochere E side door sanded and re-varnished 

2003   Repaired wall under rose window and re-lettered quotation after painting, repaired and painted north wall from column to balcony, patched and repaired ceilings and walls in men’s room, patched and painted ceiling and wall in board room, painted porte chochere and painted column, heating and plumbing repaired   

2004  Window rebuilt and painted, plumbing repairs     

2005    Repairs not noted in our files.  

2006    Repaired porte cochere doors, plumbing repairs      

2007    Max Ferro’s first historical architecture report, asbestos removal, heating system repaired           

2008   Roof over MBE Room replaced with copper, stone cap caulking of S side of MBE Room, masonry joint mortar repaired on W corner; Max Ferro on site initial evaluations and preparing report began in 2007 – Nov, 2008; heating repairs, asbestos removal, granite repaired, steps repaired           

2009   South clerestory roof ice and water damage inside and outside repaired including plaster repair, copper snow guards added to top roofs and slate roof repaired (much aerial lift work done), heat exchanger installed, steam pipe repaired, more roof repairs            

2010   Large North apse window painted and steel grill repaired and painted; 12 South arched clerestory windows painted; roof work: copper ridge repaired, slate damage repaired and finished snow guards on S roof & octagon roof steam heat repaired; steam heat fan repaired             

2011   Repointing granite wall, roof repaired, sandblasted and refinished large doors and hinges; Engineering reports: Mechanical, Structural and Electrical            

2012   Steel fabrication and galvanization of tower structural tie rods under the transfer beams; 120’ boon lift used for tower work; granite steps reset and repointed; repaired sofit trim – custom made new moldings;  MacLeod’s Structural Engineering Report, including exterior masonry and preliminary plans     

2013  Wind damaged copper ridge cap replaced and damaged slate roof repaired; East wall repaired and repointed and rose window and two smaller windows repaired and painted (begun 2013, continued 2014); granite steps replaced (stones cut to match original); steel cables added to porte cochere doors  

Fire detection system design and electrical evaluation and alarm system plans; MacLeod engineering services construction survey and management on tower tie rods; engineering consultant fee for E wall repairs            


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