1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s



Roof and window repaired and repointed granite steps …



Roof and ceiling repaired and snow guards installed on roof; church interior painted; repointed church steps; repointed church walls; water damage repaired and painted in MBE room; Lexan installed over three large leaded stained glass windows …



Snow and ice removal, leaks and water damage repaired; N and S clerestory roofs reroofed with slate; 24’ of Miracote applied to roof valleys; weatherproofing of tower; 4’ X 6’ ceiling hole plastered and painted; stained glass windows trim painted; church steps repointed; porte chochere walls repointed; porte cochere re-roofed; church exterior trim painted; tower windows repaired and painted …


1,000 sq. ft. re-roofed; damaged front parapet repointed and reset; front granite steps repointed; stained glass repaired; tower ceiling replaced and wire screens replaced with galvanized wire mesh and painted; copper and slate roof repaired; large S stained glass window repaired, re-caulked, and painted; tower repaired; clerestory roof repaired; porte cochere re-roofed and rubber roofing applied to roof valleys; water damage of ceiling and walls in MBE room repaired; tower + board room re-roofed; exterior wood painted; platform + organ circuits re-wired; granite masonry repointed

Completed Projects, 2000 – Present  

Marble Footer shorter